Our Services

If you choose to join us at our home then we will endeavour to offer you a safe, caring and homely environment. Each resident has an experienced team member appointed to develop and discuss your individual care needs on a monthly basis, which will be built into your care plan within the home. Your choice of family or friend is encouraged to be involved in the care planning.

A resident’s health and happiness is paramount and is a gauge of the care we offer in the home.

Types of Care


Living on your own can be difficult and lonely. Our home and environment is designed to make you feel safe, comfortable and amongst the company of those who understand your needs and requirement. It also provides accommodation for up to 49 residents, with accompanying friendly and qualified staff – ensuring that you never alone at any time of day. Our open-door policy welcomes all guests and families to make sure you feel more at home.


We understand that when a family member is diagnosed with dementia it can be a challenging and emotional journey for everyone, that is why we have qualified and trained staff to help support, care and advise your loved ones throughout the process. Our home is dedicated to providing the best experience to our residents when it comes to supportive care of dementia and professional expertise in managing the condition.

Caring for a loved one, whilst managing all aspects of your personal life can, at times, be more challenging than you may have anticipated. Sometimes a little break from those duties can help give you the needed time to rest and recuperate. Our respite services provides you with a flexible option to ensure you get the time that you need, whilst your loved one enjoys the supportive care and comforts that our home has to offer. The duration of stay can be arranged by contacting us directly.
Day Care
Need a break from looking after a loved one? Our home offers day time care for the elderly in a caring and stimulating environment. We understand that sometimes you need a break to catch up with the demands of everyday life. Our home gives you the opportunity to do just that, knowing that your loved one is in the safe hands of our caring and dedicated staff, in a warm and friendly environment.
End of Life

We understand that at such a stressful and sensitive time, good care and trustworthy support can make a huge difference to how you cope with a terminal illness. We support residents and their families with planning ahead for their end of life. This is a process called advanced care planning. It enables residents to think about and express wishes on how they would like to be cared for during the final stages of their life. Our dedicated staff receive regular end of life training and work in close collaboration with the community teams of GP’s, to ensure that your care needs and wishes are met.

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Field House Care Home is the trading name of RBL Field House Care Ltd (Company No. 11821863) and is part of the Blossom Group.